Friday, November 28, 2014


Some of us spent Thanksgiving feasting with friends and counted our blessings. Others...

You'll agree this is one badass RedState political blogger, at least on the holodeck. Wait'll you hear what he'd tell Mike Brown's parents!

Anyway hope you're getting some slack this holiday weekend -- I personally have resolved to take it easy and not subject myself to this:

Bill Whittle questioning The Ole Pefesser about robot sex is the last thing I want to -- oh okay, a few minutes:
If you count a vibrator as a sex robot, then about half the women in America are having sex with robots already. And that doesn't seem to creep people out.
Call me when one of them spends a million dollars to make her Hitachi look like Benedict Cumberbatch. Later Reynolds says the first mass market sexbots in Japan will probably look more like anime characters because some guys dig that -- "they don't have to look quite human." I think Hasbro already filled this gap.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


•    Remember a few days back, when Rod Dreher was flipping out that New York magazine interviewed a guy who fucks horses, and blaming this bestiality breakthrough on our tolerance of gay marriage? He's still on about it! He has dragged in the equally awful Damon Linker, who tries to reassure Dreher that "most people will continue to live boring, mundane sex lives, monogamously committed to one human being of the opposite sex at a time." You'd think this vanilla vision of the future would cheer Dreher, but it does not; he rehashes his previous mopes and also complains that "'emerging adult' Catholics are abandoning the faith in droves." Dreher himself abandoned Catholicism years ago, but that was different because 1.) he's Rod Dreher, the center of the universe, and 2.) he quit to join another hardass skygod sect, not to go friggin' and frugin' with the hippies, as he seems to assume the non-Dreher apostates will do. I thought at first Dreher, despite his roots in rural Louisiana, was somehow unaware of the ancient association of Southern hicks with barnyard sex, but now I'm thinking he does know, and has in fact been hired by the local chamber of commerce to get it associated with urban sophisticates instead.

•    Erick Erickson has a full-on soregasm because Ezra Klein doubts Officer Wilson's story about how Demon Mike Brown made him kill him. Why that sissy Klein knows nothing about "the blue collar of existence of a beat cop and what that cop sees," unlike red-blooded, ham-faced lawyer/politician Erick Erickson:
I think liberals like Klein who find Darren Wilson’s statement as simply too incredible to be true need to call their local police force and see if they can tag along in a squad car a few times. I have done it. It is quite an education.
Yeah, like that time the cops Erickson was with those cops who shot a black guy dead, and then were allowed to bag their own guns as evidence, and the prosecutor told the grand jury not to take it all too seriously -- you libtards don't realize this is the real world!

•    If you need some what-a-bunch-of-morons for entertainment, look at the responses to any Progressive Insurance @ItsFlo tweet, such as this one; most of the respondents are wingnuts enraged that the insurer gives all its money to George Soros:

Lewis, who did contribute to liberal causes, stepped down as Progressive chairman in 2000 and died in 2013. But tell that to the salt of the earth, the common clay -- or to John Hawkins of Right Wing News, who was telling his poor readers in 2013 that Lewis was still in charge and "may be the biggest liberal sugar daddy on the block." Actually, considering the difficulty they have understanding health insurance, maybe conservatives should boycott all insurance as socialism. Hell, those pointy-headed actuaries even believe in global warming!

•    A John Podhoretz (ding!) column in the New York Post (ding!) called "Turning on the cops: Forgetting what crime was like" (dingdingdingding!) was bound to be a nightmare, and it is -- all about how you liberals don't remember the crime it was so bad you must worship the Man on the Beat etc. But the bit where Podhoretz tells black folks to cool it over Ferguson is awful even for him:
It might surprise Al Sharpton to hear this, but even among white people, it’s rare to find any American who’s only ever had pleasant interchanges with police officers. 
Every year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 41 million speeding tickets are written in the United States. The notion that only minorities have infuriating encounters with cops is belied by that astounding factoid. 
After all, is there a soul alive who hasn’t reacted negatively (in his heart, at least) to the cop who comes to the driver-side window and asks that obnoxious and oddly schoolmarmish question: “Do you know why I stopped you?”
I dunno what black people are bitching about -- white people get speeding tickets all the time!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Some online conservatives, who haven't had proper media training,  express their feelings thus:

The better-trained ones mostly settle on the notion that the simple-minded black folk of Ferguson would not be angry but for the Liberal Media, who have riled them to violence so they can Smash the State. Radio shouter Mark Levin:
Ferguson burns and violence has been unleashed thanks to the reckless liberal media, the lawless administration (especially Eric Holder) exploiting the shooting to smear police departments across the nation, phony civil rights demagogues, race-baiting politicians, and radical hate groups.
Missing from this list is "a white cop getting away with killing an unarmed black kid." To Levin, of course Brown got what was coming -- fired upon, he raced away from and then back toward the source of the gunfire, which makes perfect sense. Levin demands that we now  turn our attention to the real victims:
What we are witnessing now is the left's war on the civil society. It's time to speak out in defense of law enforcement and others trying to protect the community and uphold the rule law.
Well, so much for that GOP Libertarian Moment, huh? I expect a lot of conservatives who made meek objections to "militarized police" last summer will now return to their previous tut-tutting over obstreperous people of color.'s Ben Shapiro also condemns "the media’s attempted racial assassination of Officer Darren Wilson." But even though Wilson got off, Shapiro remains so terrified of black people that he perceives President Obama's after-verdict speech, universally acknowledged as milquetoast, as having "fueled the flames for future racial conflagrations... Obama doesn't want to prevent crime," etc. And the column is topped by the most ooga-booga picture of Obama could find. I expect if Obama sneezed Shapiro would consider it biological warfare against Caucasians.

It's almost worse when they make a feeble pretense of caring. "I am trying to see this through the eyes of those I disagree with," claims Jonah Goldberg, by which he means allowing as how it's too bad Michael Brown's family lost their boy before starting this rhetorical pee-dance:
Beyond that, I think critics who see Robert McCulloch as too pro-police have a point. Or at least I can see where they are coming from. His statement tonight was very powerful and very persuasive, but not what you would expect from a prosecutor in other circumstances. If McCulloch wanted an indictment, I think he could have gotten one (prosecutors and ham sandwiches and all that). Whether he should have gotten one is open to debate. I certainly think you could make the case that the country would be better off in the long run if there was an open and transparent public trial. On the other hand, we don’t have trials of innocent men simply for appearances’ sake. Having a trial just for show is too close to a show trial as far as I’m concerned.
That's it. Goldberg's prose reminds me of how, when you toss a coin on a hard surface, it rattles side-to-side with increasing speed before coming to a dead stop. (Later Goldberg makes fun of a guy who felt sorry for the kids who mugged him. Must've been a relief for him to drop the brief pretense of empathy.)

I should also mention National Review's Andrew C. McCarthy, who thinks Republican Administrations can torture suspects if they like and who insists that you can impeach Obama for spitting on the sidewalk, suddenly arguing for prosecutorial restraint now that it appears a rare instance of it got Wilson off.

But really, it's no better or worse than what they usually come up with when a white guy gets away with killing a black guy. And there's no reason why it would change, so long as there's a political upside to it.

UPDATE. Good for some grim laughs: The comments thread on a riot post at Reason, flagship publication of conservatives who identify as libertarians. The consensus at present is that it's all Al Sharpton's fault ("This is certainly one of those issues that reasonable people can agree upon....that is, it's being pumped up by the race baiters and media and others who make a buck off tragedy").

UPDATE 2. Speaking of which, a Republican Senator appears in Time, blames Ferguson on the War on Poverty, and peddles the traditional marriage-makes-you-rich bullshit...
The link between poverty, lack of education, and children outside of marriage is staggering and cuts across all racial groups. Statistics uniformly show that waiting to have children in marriage and obtaining an education are an invaluable part of escaping poverty. well as bootstrap philosophy...
While a hand-up can be part of the plan, if the plan doesn’t include the self-discovery of education, work, and the self-esteem that comes with work, the cycle of poverty will continue.
But in an exciting twist, he mixes this ancient bunk with promises to end the drug war -- aw yeah, you caught on, it's Rand Paul, trying to maintain his libertarian USP in the GOP while talking traditional culture-scold rot. Well, what the hell, it's all just marketing anyway -- you might even say it's Uber for social conservatism!

Monday, November 24, 2014


Well, I see New York magazine interviewed a guy who fucks horses. I like to think the whole thing was designed as a practical joke on Rod Dreher, known for his eruptions over such evanescent prurientia as 2 Girls 1 Cup (remember that?); if so, mission accomplished!
I’m not linking to it, because it is sick, sick stuff. It’s incredibly graphic, and I had decided not to write about it. But...
Yeah, we can guess, preacher man. Or can we? Let's see where Brother Rod takes it:
What’s significant is not that this deranged behavior happens. It has no doubt always been with us. What’s significant is that this interview appears in a mainstream magazine... 
New York has won a slew of National Magazine Awards, including being named 2013′s Magazine of the Year. This isn’t an Al Goldstein rag. This isn’t even the Village Voice.
Yeah, the Voice published Roy Edroso and homos, but New York is a recent award winner! Its pages are glossy! Also, Robert George agrees with Dreher, and don't you pointy-heads discount George because he's writing on Facebook -- discount him because he's a weirdo who favors the anatomical-doll school of Adam and Stevery ("In coitus, but not in other forms of sexual contact, a man and a woman’s bodies coordinate by way of their sexual organs... they are biologically united, and do not merely rub together..."). George shares Dreher's disgust, and demands action:
I mention it, reluctantly, only to show that anyone who thought we had already reached the bottom of the slippery slope is mistaken. The descent into Gomorrah continues. I believe it can be reversed, but not simply stopped. “This far and no farther,” is not an option.
Hear hear, says Dreher, because we wouldn't have horse-fucking in glossy magazines if you non-reproductive bit-rubbers hadn't gotten the slope all slippery:
Ideas have consequences. If your idea is that all consensual sex is good, or at least beyond judgment, and that sexual desire is its own justification, then you have met your consequence in New York‘s anonymous zoophile.
 "Dogs and cats, living together" was not a JOKE, people! Soon everybody, human and animal, will be friggin' and frugin' and sticking their bits wherever they can, unless we reverse the flow! THANKS OBAMA!

UPDATE: Isn't it obvious now that the famous pervert Woody Allen was trying to normalize this kind of behavior?

UPDATE 2. A winning comment right out of the gate by Glock H. Palin, Esq.: "Sure, rural people do it, and have been doing it since before this was a country, but those godless heather urban types write about it. Is there no end to their depravity?!" Oh Glock, you don't know the half of it -- one of Dreher's commenters actually cites Ike Snopes and the cow from The Hamlet ("the whole passage pretty much turned me off Faulkner forever. Yes, I know Faulkner is considered 'literature'...") and betrays no awareness that farmers fucking livestock was not invented by Faulkner, but is part of the great American agrarian tradition.

Friday, November 21, 2014


The atmosphere is tense here in Washington as the Tyrant ObamaHitler has sent his brownshirts into the streets in a show of force...

Yeah, it's a bunch of bullshit, but at least we have the pleasure of watching wingnuts try to make hay of it. My favorite in the Ray of Hope category so far is this post from Andrew Johnson at National Review:
Univision announced earlier this week that it would delay its broadcast of the Latin Grammys to air President Obama’s announcement to use executive action to grant legal status to immigrants in the country illegally. While some saw it as a politically calculated move by the administration to reach a largely Hispanic audience, some viewers weren’t too happy to see the president rather than their favorite celebrities.
Then Johnson showed dozens -- excuse me, a dozen (well, almost) -- tweets from fans who were disgruntled that the show had been delayed, and who will no doubt be surprised to find themselves on a GOP mailing list and being asked to contribute to a Stop Tyrant Obama and His Messicans drive.

UPDATE. I should have realized -- no one out-crazys Ophelia WorldNetDaily!

Oh God this is so great:
Ted Cruz said it best in a Wall Street Journal piece following Barack Hussein Obama’s State of the Union Address earlier this year: “Dictatorships are often characterized by an abundance of laws. When a president can pick and choose which laws to follow and which to ignore, he is no longer a president"... 
I would go one further than Cruz: Obama has never been my president. I have steadfastly refused to acknowledge him as such. He is undeserving of the honorific. To this day, I am unconvinced he is even eligible for office... 
But that’s a can of worms few want to reopen – besides Donald Trump and me... 
I hereby join Ted Cruz in declaring Obama is no longer president.
Alan Keyes is going "And I thought I would be the winner in any crazy competition! I better step up my game!" and driving nails into his own skull.

UPDATE 2. Robert Tracinski (best known as a rhapsodist for the softer side of Ayn Rand) at The Federalist:

The ironic thing is that the media and Hollywood types have always convinced themselves, as George Lucas did, that their villains were metaphors for George W. Bush or a cautionary tale about the evils of the right. But here we are, the Old Republic is being dissolved, and it’s their hero who is doing it. They find themselves on the side of the Empire. (Or the Alliance. Yes, I’m looking at you, Joss Whedon.)
I think they should stop using words at all, and just make videos of themselves playing with their nerd dolls: "Don't worry Princess Leia, here comes G.I. Ted Cruz to save you, psshew, psshew," etc.

UPDATE 3. OK, one more: J. Christian Adams at PJ Media:
Take some comfort in this: executives acting lawlessly is a transgression as old as human history. Charles I similarly ignored the law when he went so far as to dissolve a Parliament with which he disagreed. When he started running out of money to conduct his wars with France and Spain, he violated Magna Carta by imposing a forced loan on the monarchs without the consent of Parliament.
And then they cut his head off! Get it? Well, maybe one of those nuts who seem to drop by the White House with a gun every couple of days will "take some comfort" from that story.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Well, now that Obama is fixin' to give the Founding Fathers a Dirty Sanchez by handing driver's licenses to Messicans, let's see how the brethren are talking it down. Clash Daily:
HOW CONVENIENT: Obama to Grant Amnesty on Mexican Revolution Day 
Coincidence? I don’t think so. This is all part of “fundamentally transforming” America...
At dawn the car horns will play "La Cucaracha," and over the ridge they'll come -- thousands of low-riders led by Salma Hayek and George Lopez. And Rick Perry will be powerless to act! Here's a passage from an Instigator News essay with the something-for-everyone title, "Pavlov, Orwell, Alinsky, Hitler, and Obama: A Synthesis of Evil":
I offer here just a few points from an early platform of Hitler’s Nazi Party, courtesy of The History Place. With the exceptions regarding Germany’s nationalism and disdain for immigrants, they’re almost identical to the policies we’ve seen proposed and/or enacted by the Obama administration.
The Messican piece is Obama's way of making Nazism his own, see -- he's a great cover artist as well as history's greatest monster!

OK, that's fun, but come on, these are bottom feeders; surely no one legitimate is saying such stupid--

-- Huh. Well, guy's an American Spectator writer, that's still pretty fringe. The really big boys know it's ix-nay on the itler-Hay until this impeachment thing gets a little traction. Thus, Rich Lowry at Politico:
Barack Obama, American Caudillo
See? It even sounds Messican!
The last 400 years of Anglo-American political history...
He ain't just a traitor to America, he's a traitor to Anglo-America!
...can be read as a successful effort to establish and maintain a system tethering the executive to the law. What President Obama is contemplating will undermine that achievement, both through his own lawlessness and the precedent he will create for subsequent presidents to operate by extra-legal fiat.
Well, excluding presidents who already figured out how to get some bright fella to write them a Get-Out-of-Den-Haag-Free card, anyway.

The rest of them are just using regular Republican slurs, like "tyrant" and "emperor," but with a few twists to wring extra juice out of them. Take for example Damon Linker's essay, "On immigration, Obama is flirting with tyranny," in which, after getting the accusations of destroying democracy out of the way, Linker explains that this Messican thing is even worse than Bush's possibly illegal torture, because when it comes to torture "such judgments can only be fairly rendered once the state of emergency has come to an end," but everybody knows there's no rush about these illegals, they'll just keep on skulking between landscaping gigs and food banks forever. Also:
Compared with torture, rendition, and the extrajudicial use of surveillance and even deadly force against American citizens, Obama's efforts to help illegal immigrants can seem benign and even trivial. But that's precisely the point. No matter how you feel about Bush's actions, up until now, executive transgressions of the law have been made in the name of protecting the common good from a grave threat in a time of emergency.
I have to admit, I like to think I know these guys, but telling readers to try and be reasonable about the Black Sites while calling Obama a tyrant is one I completely did not see coming.

UPDATE. Shit, how'd I miss this -- Burt Prelutsky at Bernard Goldberg's site, on previous casus bellow Jonathan Gruber:
All in all, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that it has to be more than mere coincidence that “Gruber” sounds like “goober” and that Adolf Hitler’s birth name happened to have been Schicklgruber.

MIKE NICHOLS, 1931-2014.

When I heard he was dead, I recalled that I'd seen his production of Streamers at Lincoln Center years ago; only later did I notice that he'd also directed the original Broadway production of The Gin Game, which I'd also seen (with E.G. Marshall in for Hume Cronyn, but Jessica Tandy still playing). 10 years ago (!) I made a mean gag about Nichols being "a one-man major entertainment institution for ninety years," because that's really how it seemed; he was always around, even when you didn't notice until someone gave him an award for it.

Those two New York productions were brilliant, but like most of you I know Nichols best from his movies. As Bruce Weber mentioned in the Times today, he was sort of an anti-auteur; you couldn't really pick out obsessions and motifs from his work like you could with Kubrick or Scorsese. He was more like George Cukor, a hard worker who knew that when inspiration failed elbow grease would do. And like Cukor he served the material. He served Edward Albee as well with Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf as he did Charles Webb with The Graduate; if the latter is fussier, it's just that Webb's deadpan angst needed more active intervention than Albee's masterpiece.

Maybe some clue to Nichols' true feelings, in lieu of auteur signifiers and whatnot, resides in two of his crazier, more misanthropic efforts: the eco-downer The Day of the Dolphin, and Wolf, a jaundiced (one might say hepatitic) midlife fantasy, redolent of Tom Wolfe but much more fun if no more convincing. If so, it's just as well he turned the generosity of his talent to other authors. For me his sweet spot is Carnal Knowledge -- and I wish there were a YouTube of the scene where Jonathan thinks he's going to date-swap and gets a double whammy instead; it's not as flashy as the available showstopper clips, but it has the advantage of being perfect. But it's also worth remembering that he started out as a comedy sketch artist -- just like Adam Sandler, and how's that for a flattering comparison -- and worth watching those old Nichols and May bits not just for the laughs, which are still there, but also to see him and Elaine May learning on their feet how the game works.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


The recent election has given some of the brethren the idea that they can continue to win elections without black votes. This stirs Michael Barone to analysis (the Democrats' "core groups," the "gentry liberals and blacks," he says, are suffering from "geographic and cultural isolation" from real Americans -- one might even say [puts on sunglasses] they've been segregated [YEEA-AAAAH]),  and Heather Mac Donald to, oh, the same horrible shit she always does, only worse, with the aid of the National Review editorial staff:

This Mandingette's black rage is so strong, its blowback has actually turned the police into harmless blurs! Among Mac Donald's choice bits:
No one is “bracing,” in press parlance, for white riots or police violence should Officer Wilson be indicted... 
Normal, as well, is the sickening sense of dread with which one awaits another possible outbreak of black rage... 
The Obama administration has lent its prestige to this conceit, charging, for instance, that the elevated rate of black school suspensions reflects administrator and teacher bias. The disproportionate rate of black students’ misbehavior is left completely out of the anti-discipline crusade, just as the disproportionate rate of black crime is ignored when the media, the White House, and academics discuss allegedly racist police activity and incarceration...
Well, guess it's time for Rand Paul to give another speech at a historically-black college!

UPDATE. In comments, mortimer2000 explains that "any random paragraph of MacDonald's bullshit needs a few additions to make it even remotely pertinent" and does some glossing on her current offering:
No one is “bracing,” in press parlance, for white riots or police violence should Officer Wilson be indicted [not even for all of Wilson's gun-toting racist supporters -- why is that?]. Nor were there preparations for Asian riots last month in Los Angeles as a jury heard a murder case against a 22-year-old [not-a-cop] thug from South Central L.A. [who was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole], who, along with an [not-a-cop] accomplice [who was also sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole], had shot two Chinese engineering students attending the University of Southern California in 2012.
It should also be mentioned that Mac Donald accepts the most cop-friendly interpretation of events in the Brown case as the irrefutable truth, and affects surprise that any black folks would see things differently:  "One might think that it would be good news if Wilson did not initiate the violent encounter or shoot Brown in cold blood: It would mean one less instance of alleged police brutality." Similarly, what if all those old-timers volunteered to work on those cotton plantations? You just have to know how to look at it!


Regarding Matt Taylor, I couldn't give a shit about the shirt. As a punk rocker I wore plenty of offensive t-shirts and, while I no longer completely support such chest-borne sentiments as "No Money No Honey," I give my young self a pass because 1.) my business, like Taylor's, had nothing to do with creating a more enlightened society, and 2.) Fuck you.

Of course, Taylor's critics have every right to complain about his shirt; that does not make them thought police, as (also of course) various wingnuts have portrayed them, apparently in hopes of cementing the fledgling alliance between the conservative and Men's Rights movements, thus building the crotchswell of resentment needed for a big White Man victory in '16.

It's a sad situation -- but, as experience has taught us, Jonah Goldberg can always make it worse:
Many of my friends and colleagues on the anti-PC right have responded with understandable outrage. And it’s true: Taylor’s confession of wrongdoing did feel forced — awfully North Korean. 
Still, the feminists have a point.
Oh, no, no...
Although I like the shirt (which is now selling like hotcakes), I would never wear it to a nice restaurant, never mind on a globally broadcast TV interview. The reason I wouldn’t wear it has very little to do with my fear of offending feminists. It’s simply unsuitable professional attire. I’d ask critics of the feminist backlash, would you wear it on a job interview? How about to church or synagogue?
Being influenced by ladies' preferences in menswear is Orwellian; you should instead be influenced by Jonah Goldberg's sense of decorum; he wears a shirt and tie every day, though being a legacy pledge he doesn't have to; its about Burke and little pantaloons or something (fart).

Apparently for Goldberg the real outrage is that bitches be Occupying his moral superiority:
But why are feminist motives so special? What if you’re a devout Christian, Muslim, or Jew working in the humanities? What if you like cartoonishly sexy ladies, but you hate guns? What if you’re simply the kind of person who thinks male professionals should wear a jacket and tie on TV?
Also, what if you have a serious uniform fetish? Feminists are so thoughtless.

As is traditional, Goldberg finds himself out of ideas but with more space to fill, and so drifts into the gas clouds of Uranus, telling us "diversity comes at a cost" and no one knows how to dress anymore:
In this age of unprecedented cultural liberty, we’ve lost sight of the fact that common standards of decency and decorum can be liberating. They inconvenience everyone — a little — but they also free us from worrying about who we might offend or why. School uniforms, remember, constrain the wealthy kids for the benefit of the poor ones.
[blink] [blink] School uniforms constrain... the...

Let us leave off. Sometimes the works of the immortals cannot be analyzed; we can only marvel at them, silent upon a peak in Derpian.